OSC as a ship manager is responsible for the following issues:

- Pre-purchase survey and tacking-over arrangement.
- ISM / ISPS / MLC management.
- Establishing of ship’s Flag, class with continue supervision assuring validity of requested documentation and certificates.
- Full range of Crew Management;
- continuous technical support from a dedicated shore based staff;
providing best practices in quality management to ensure continuous improvement of all activities and procedures;
- ensuring safe operations of ships throughout the fleet in accordance with national and international requirements and industry standards;
- continuous improvement of safety and quality on board by means of regular technical and marine vessel inspections;
- supplying ship with all required (bunker – spare parts – provision…etc).
- ensuring a smooth takeover of vessels through a full range of services related to commercial and contractual issues;
- insuring the vessel's standard including permanent and preventive maintenance, carrying out dry dockings and ship repairs as well as continuous technical support;
- constantly communicating with ships' commands, charterers, brokers, port agents and bunker suppliers.

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